A wristband collects data about your activity and displays them in the application using graphs. By analyzing them, the application will create individual diets and workouts that suit you best


The overlay for glasses allows you to automatically scan the food you eat to accurately calculate the number of calories. It is as simple as possible to use and you will significantly save time that would be spent on calculations

The application will provide an opportunity to track data and progress from any device, offer suitable nutrition options and a training plan. Also, if necessary, it can give access to your doctor or trainer. It also has interesting features so you should try it in the Play Market

Training tutorials 

You will get access to the training videos of our training sessions, which will essentially facilitate their independent fulfillment and even more motivates to achieve the goal

Consultations with a nutritionist

Thanks to consultations with a professional, you can create a diet that will suit you personally. Features of your body, individual preferences and wishes will be taken into account, which will lead to a quick result