About us


Why Nutis?



Continuous growth

We will be presented at contests in America and Europe. The Nutis team consists of people who regularly demonstrate their work on national competitions and world finals

Our whole team is dedicated and works hard to achieve an excellent result

We do not stop progressing and are always in search of new ideas, solutions and concepts. We use all possibilities to male our product better

What do you get?

Saved time



Instead of spending hours on a diet, trying to type all eaten food manually, trust our application. As soon as you enter your data, it will offer several suitable options for diets and schedules, adapting to your preferences and automatic calorie counting will be granted

You can use our products not only to control nutrition but also as a fitness tracker that will take into account data from training to more accurately compose a personalized ideal diet

Our mission is to help you keep yourself and your body in good shape. Using our products, you will realize how much easier it is to control your diet and workouts thanks to the automation of all calorie counting processes


The application interface is designed to be convenient and intuitive, so when you get used to it you will not experience difficulties. The controls are so simple that even a child can use the application


Who are we targeting?

People who want to lead a healthy





Thanks to the additional "chips" of our application, you can follow the successes of the people you train. By scanning the QR code of your ward, you will be able to track meals throughout the day, as well as the intensity of your workouts and their relevance to the program

Nutis can also be used in medicine. Just like a trainer, the doctor will be able to monitor the current indicators of the patient’s health status and make prompt decisions

In the current rhythm of life, there is not always enough time, for example, regular calorie counting and scheduling workouts. Our product will do everything for you - just fill out the questionnaire with your own parameters and conduct one of the proposed trainings. The more you train with our bracelet, the more accurately your performance will be compiled, and, accordingly, the tips will become more personalized

Athletes should always take care of themselves in order to stay fit and show the best results. The NPC complex will help the coaching staff to monitor their wards, and the athletes themselves will simplify the process of monitoring the diet and training schedule


Our achievments

startup foundation

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start of development
first bracelet model
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